pure feeling

You know

I think just you know how i'm feeling these days

Oh.. dont think its a poem for you ... Im wrighting these sentences to show you my heart

Dont call my sense love... You know its not love... Its deeper or obviously more pure than it... isnt it

Maybe we dont meet each others in futhure... May i never had the opportunity to walk with you...or talk... or dance with a gentle music among your arms all the night  or even kiss you in a beautiful moment...Do you think its important to me...Never

You know i want you without any s.e.xual orintation...without any desire to touch your body... I want you the same purity and holy living in my mind

And world is more pleasant and desirable as soon as i know you...even it looks like a pleasant thought or a moment to be beautiful... That is enough

I guess it is enough


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